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At GERAI LTD, we offer customised tax planning solutions for global businesses. Our experienced team provides expert advice on corporate tax planning and international tax strategies.

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Our mission is to lead businesses towards evolution and impact. We are committed to steering the modern business landscape.

International Corporate Tax Advisory

We use our global team of tax experts to provide assurance and opportunities for tax planning. This helps improve business efficiency in today’s changing world. From expansion to tax-efficient restructuring, our services focus on compliance and maximizing tax benefits throughout the business lifecycle.

Tax Efficiency Planning

Our experts analyze financial strategies through a tax lens to minimize liabilities and optimize eligibility for tax-advantaged retirement contributions. We ensure that we structure every aspect of your financial plan to maximize tax effectiveness.

Transfer Pricing & Country-by-Country Reporting

We assist multinational companies in transfer pricing. We aim to ensure that they adhere to the ‘arm’s length’ principle. This helps them avoid tax evasion and stay in compliance with global regulations.

Operational & Business Tax Leakage Assessment

Our team focuses on finding ways to reduce tax leakage and save money across multiple countries. We review existing structures and operations to provide a comprehensive solution.

Indirect International Tax Advisory

We manage VAT, GST, and other indirect taxes for multinational groups. Our goal is to ensure efficient and compliant tax management in all countries where they operate.

Multi-Country & Supply Chain Tax Assessment

Providing comparative tax analyses and operational structure assessments, we inform strategic decision-making to ensure tax efficiency across international operations.

Treaty Interpretation & Withholding Tax

Our expertise in tax treaties and withholding business tax planning minimizes tax leakage and supports cross-border business decisions.


Why Choose GERAI LTD?

At GERAI LTD, we help your business meet tax obligations and maximize tax benefits. We provide personalized tax planning for business that aligns with your business goals and operational needs in various countries. Our global reach and extensive knowledge make this possible. Trust GERAI LTD to help you with corporate tax planning and international tax advisory services.

Tax obligations and maximize tax benefits

Personalized tax planning

Legal tax reduction strategies

Founder & CEO

Giorgi Kurtsikidze, who established GERAI LTD in March 2023, is a “Business Law Professional” with nine years of experience, providing client-focused solutions and services through flexible, value-driven approaches by leveraging technologies to anticipate the needs of existing and potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is corporate tax planning?

Corporate tax planning is about minimizing taxes and maximizing profits within the limits of tax laws and regulations. It includes various strategies such as deductions, credits, and structuring transactions to achieve favorable tax outcomes.

Are corporate pension plans tax-exempt?

Corporate pension plans may offer tax advantages for both employers and employees. Contributions made by the employer to the pension plan are often tax-deductible, reducing the company’s taxable income. Additionally, investment income within the pension plan is typically tax-deferred until distribution. Whether pension plan contributions are tax-exempt depends on the tax laws and regulations in a specific jurisdiction.

What do you mean by corporate tax planning?

Corporate tax planning involves the management of a company’s taxes. The aim is to decrease the amount of tax that taxpayers need to pay and enhance efficiency. It involves examining the company’s money, finding methods to reduce taxes, and obeying tax regulations to decrease tax payments.

What are the key considerations for small business owners when filing tax returns?

As a small business owner, it’s crucial to maintain accurate financial records throughout the year. Ensure you’re aware of all eligible deductions and credits applicable to your business. Consulting with a tax professional can also help navigate complex tax laws and optimize your tax returns.

How can I minimize my taxable income as a small business owner?
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Are there any tax benefits to hiring family members in my business?

Yes, hiring family members can provide tax advantages, such as deducting their wages as business expenses. However, ensure that their roles are legitimate and that you pay them fair market wages for their services

How can I reduce my tax bills and liabilities effectively?

Strategically planning deductions, credits, and contributions can help lower tax bills. Consider exploring tax-efficient investment strategies and retirement planning options to minimize overall tax liabilities.

What are the different tax brackets I need to be aware of as a business owner?

As a business owner, you’ll fall into various tax brackets depending on your taxable income. To understand how different levels tax your income, familiarize yourself with the current tax brackets and rates.

When should I consider hiring a tax professional to assist with my small business taxes?

If your taxes are complex or you’re unsure about tax laws, it’s wise to hire a tax professional. A tax professional can provide expert advice tailored to your business needs and help maximize tax efficiency.

What are the advantages of setting up a pension plan for my employees and myself?

Creating a pension plan helps employees save for retirement and gives tax benefits to both the employer and employees. Contributions to pension plans are often tax-deductible, reducing overall tax liabilities.

How do personal taxes differ from business taxes, especially for sole proprietorships?

Sole proprietorships function as pass-through entities, where the owner reports business income on their personal tax return. Understanding the distinction between personal and business expenses is crucial for accurate tax reporting.

What should I do if I encounter issues with tax authorities regarding my business taxes?

If you encounter issues with tax authorities, it’s essential to address them promptly and seek professional guidance if necessary. Keep thorough records and documentation to support your tax filings and be proactive in resolving any discrepancies.

How can contributing to an RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) impact my tax liabilities as a business owner?

Contributing to an RRSP can lower your taxable income, reducing your overall tax liabilities. As a business owner, RRSP contributions can be particularly beneficial for retirement planning while providing immediate tax savings.

How should we approach end of year tax planning for small business?

End-of-year tax planning for small businesses involves assessing the company’s financial performance for the year and implementing strategies to minimize tax liabilities before the end of the tax year. They should also act to decrease their tax liabilities. You must do this before the end of the tax year. This may include accelerating deductible expenses, deferring income, and maximizing the use of available tax credits and deductions to optimize tax efficiency.

What services can help alleviate the tax burden for businesses?

Services aimed at reducing the tax burden for businesses may include tax efficiency planning, strategic tax deductions, and assistance with compliance to ensure businesses are taking advantage of all available tax-saving opportunities. These services aim to optimize tax strategies and minimize the overall tax burden for businesses.

What factors determine corporate tax rates?

Corporate tax rates are determined by government tax policies and regulations, which may vary depending on the jurisdiction. Factors such as taxable income, business structure, and industry-specific tax incentives can influence the corporate tax rate applicable to a company.

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